Snow Removal from Roofs in Connecticut

Weathertite Systems, LLC offers snow raking services for residential roofs in Prospect, Naugatuck, and New Haven

Every year, we hear about the heartbreaking stories of individuals who try to remove snow off their roofs. Many of these accidents cause serious injuries or death.

Snow removal is very important to you and is an essential part of keeping your home maintained the way that it should be. 

Snow can weight up to 21 lbs, during serious snow fall. Let us take care of it for you. Older roofs might suffer damage extremely quickly. Please be alert and on-top of your home. 

Roof Snow Removal Dangers
  1. Falling snow and ice may cause injury

  2. Injury from snow rake that falls from a roof

  3. Falling off a ladder

  4. Overexertion

  5. Ladder sliding away

  6. Slipping off roof

  7. Tripping due to unseen, buried roof penetrations, like vent stacks

  8. Falling through unseen, buried skylight or roof window

Snow accumulation on the roof can lead to ice dams

Snow on your roof normally does not pose a problem. When your roof is subject to temperature differentials between the area over the attic and the bottom few feet near the eave, however, it may be vulnerable to ice dams and damaging water leaks.

As the snow melts across the upper reaches of the roof, it trickles down toward the eave. If the roof's temperature at the eave is below freezing, that trickle freezes like a mini glacier until layer upon layer gradually builds up and a "dam" of ice forms.

When the ice dam is high enough, water collects behind it and forms a small pool. The water rises under shingles until it reaches a fastener hole and seeps into your home.

If your eaves are shielded with eave flashing, such as a self-adhering rubberized asphalt and fiberglass mat (that self-seals when penetrated by fasteners), you probably won’t have to worry about ice dams.

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