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Weathertite Systems Expands Office for Gutter Helmet

The addition of Gutter Helmet has forced Weathertite Systems to expand their office in Naugatuck.

Naugatuck, CT - May 22, 2018

In November 2016, Weathertite Systems acquired Gutter Helmet; America’s #1 choice for Gutter Protection. More changes were soon to come, as Weathertite Systems would move their Prospect office to Naugatuck four months later. Due to the growing nature of the company, Weathertite Systems needed more space for their office in Naugatuck. Owner of Weathertite Systems, Scott Fennelly, decided it was time to expand their office and acquire an additional section of their current residing building. On June 1st of 2018, Weathertite Systems opened the Gutter Helmet department section in their Naugatuck office.

Weathertite Systems is excited to work with Gutter Helmet and is eager to see where their newest addition will take the business next. Gutter Helmet takes pride in their slogan, “Never Clean Your Gutters Again” and makes sure that they will fulfill their promise. Brian Barrett, Gutter Helmet's Installation Manager, stated in a recent interview with WICC600's Tony Reno that, "It’s a great system. There’s a reason why it’s America’s number one choice.”

Needing more space for your growing business is always a good problem to have. As Weathertite Systems gets bigger, so does their opportunities. Only time will tell how far their newest addition will take Weathertite Systems.

For more information on Weathertite Systems and Gutter Helmet, or to learn more about how you can get in contact, visit www.weathertitesystems.com or call 203-758-4227.

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