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Three Reasons to Replace your Outdated Windows

Monday, February 27th, 2017 by Weathertite Systems

Home improvement is a great way to help improve curb appeal and personal appearance in your home. More times than not, the average person has something that needs to be done in their home, and overlooks it for many reasons. However, it is fairly important to have something fixed if it is overdue, mainly for safety reasons.

Window replacement is one of these home improvements, and Weathertite can help. We have a large selection of windows to fit your needs, and a variety of different options for your beloved home. Before listing everything Weathertite has to offer, the importance of the windows themselves seems more appropriate to begin with:

Lower Energy Costs

Yes, believe it or not, replacing old windows can help improve energy efficiency, therefore leading to lower energy costs. A well-insulated window keeps outdoor weather conditions from affecting your home, and won’t have you aggravated from constantly adjusting the heat. To some, it may seem like an old window is perfectly fine, but in all reality they could have problems: air leaks, worn out trim, outdated features, and outdated trim are all examples of a needed window update!

Increase Curb Appeal

New windows can increase the curb appeal of your home, which means you home will appear more appealing from the street, and the value will increase. When someone is looking to buy a house, new installations and updates are a huge plus, and these improvements can make a night and day difference when compared to an outdated home.


Updated windows are much more aesthetically pleasing than old ones. The design on newer windows allows for a much thinner trim around the perimeter, enabling for a larger glass surface. This amount of extra light can bring life to your home and really open up the interior, creating the illusion of a larger living space.

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