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Simple Ways to Insulate your Home

Friday, November 30th, 2018 by Sabrina Hunter

More ways to save heat and energy costs with these simple steps:

Insulate Water Pipes

Insulating the water supply pipes can help lower the costs of heating water. Hot water pipes exposed to cold temperatures in places with no heat or exterior walls may lose heat. To save money on energy costs, insulate the hot water supply pipes leading out of your water heater. The most common method is the traditional foam pipe insulation wrap. They are easy to install and come with self-adhesive tapes.

Water Heater Insulating Blanket

HVAC professionals recommend wrapping an old heater with an insulating blanket. Especially if it is stored in unheated areas, like the basement or garage. Blankets with higher R-value provides more insulation than the lower R-value. How you wrap the heater depends on whether you have a gas or electric gas heater. Check with an HVAC professional to help install the insulation blanket.

Insulate your fireplace

A drafty fireplace allows the interior heat to escape. It's like keeping a window open throughout the cold months. Stop cold drafts from entering your home with an airtight magnetic vent cover. Apply the cover strip over the vents when the fireplace is not in use. The strips are highly functional, they can be trimmed to size and are reusable.

Insulate your chimney

Insulate your chimney with a chimney balloon. If the metal dampers in your chimney are corroded this can allow the heat to escape the room. The chimney balloon acts as a tight energy saving seal in the chimney. With the correct measurements, simply install a chimney balloon in the chimney flue. This will help prevent loss of heat and energy costs.

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