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Is it time for a new deck?

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 by Dominic Piscitelli

The deck is an important part of any home. It connects the house to the outside, allowing people to get out of the indoors and enjoy their outside environment while still be attached to their home. Even though many people may love spending time on their deck, they may not know how to maintain and detect issues that their deck may encounter. Here are some ways to check if your deck needs repairs or replacements.

Check the Posts:

Inspect the base of the posts holding your deck. Water can accumulate at the base of your posts and create water damage issues. Replacing one or two posts is possible, but if all four are damaged, you may have to replace the entire deck.

Check the Joists:

The joists, the part of the structure that supports the ceiling or floor, may also show signs of rotting and water damage. If you can easily push a screwdriver into the wood or if it feels soft, it may be an indication to repair your deck.

Check the Ledger Board:

The ledger board, the part of the deck that attaches to your house, could give an indication that your deck needs repairment. If the ledger board is pulling away from the house, that can be a strong sign that you will need repairment in the future.

Lean on the Railing:

First, check the railing for any rotting or water damage before you lean on it. It's important that the railing is in proper condition because it's such a common place for people to lean on and put pressure on. Fortunately, you can replace your railings without having to replace the entire deck.

Take Account of the Deck Material:

Different material will affect your deck in different ways. For example, a real wood deck will show signs of wear differently from a composite deck. Knowing what kind of deck you have can help you decide the severity of an issue, how fast should you repair a component of your deck, and how big the replacement project will be.

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