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How to protect your home in the winter

Thursday, January 31st, 2019 by Sabrina Hunter

Don't forget to protect the inside of your house before the next winter storm:

Leaks inside the home -Make sure your gutters are clear from debris and objects. Clogged gutters can cause a back up of ice preventing the flow of melting snow. This can cause leaks inside the home as the ice starts to melt. Insulate the pipes - Keep your pipes warm in certain areas of the house lacking heat such as the basement, attic and in the back of cabinets. Install a carbon-monoxide detector - Poor ventilated heating devices such as furnaces, wood burning stoves, charcoal or propane- burning appliances and generators can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. It is advised to place a carbon monoxide detector on all floors of your home. Emergency kits - It is recommended to keep one kit in your car and another one in your house. Stock flashlights, extra batteries, portable battery charger for phones and jump-starting the vehicle.

Preventive Maintenance

Spend less time worrying about water damage to your home with Gutter Helmet, America's #1 choice for gutter guard protection. Along with Helmet Heat a self-regulating heating cable to protect the roof from ice and snow build up. Never clean your gutters again and eliminate ice dam concerns with the complete package. To learn more give us a call today on 1-203-528-4727 or fill out a form HERE!

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