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How to pick the right gutter color for your home

Thursday, October 4th, 2018 by Sabrina Hunter

Choosing the right gutter color for your home makes a difference to the curb appeal. However, many homeowners overlook this step. The color of the gutter can be strategically used to accentuate any features on the home’s exterior and mask any unappealing areas. Let’s take a look at some tips on choosing the right color for your gutters.

Accentuate nice features

The first step is to decide which feature of the home’s exterior you would like to accentuate. There are three safest choices:

Match your Roof - Choose a gutter color that matches the color of your roof especially if you have a skinny trim.Match your Siding - Match the color of your gutters with the siding of your home.Match your Trim - If you have a wide trim on your home, design experts recommend matching the color of your gutters to your trim.

Contrast with colors

Most homeowners pick white or off-white color gutters because those are the standard factory color. Look beyond the basic white and play around with colors to complement your home. Try using contrasting colors by picking a gutter color much darker or lighter than the roof, trim or siding.

A red gutter works well with a brick exterior and red tiled roofing. Beige and brown colored gutters will give an earthy tone.

Light gray gutters can complement an American cottage style cape cod home. These architectural homes look sleek with gray gutters and may add a small modern look to your classic home.

Looking to update your home with a modern look?

Weathertite Systems offers a vast selection of gutter colors. Check out our selection and find one that suits your home’s style.

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