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How to Check Your Home for Damage

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018 by Sabrina Hunter

How to Check Your Home for Damage

After the storm passes, it's important to recognize the signs of damage to your home.

Follow these steps to inspect a house for storm damage.

Step One – Check the roof and gutters for damages

Look out for missing or loose shingles – If you notice a shingle close to the edge of the roof this is a sign of a loose or missing shingle. Discolored or dented shingles – If you notice any damaged shingles these are common signs of hail damage.Damaged gutters – Take a close look at your gutters for any loose or dented gutters. It is also important to check to see if they are filled with shingle asphalt granules or leaves.

Step Two – Check the sides of the house

Windows – Check every window for shattered panes and broken frames resulting from storms or debris strikes. Also, check for cracks and holes in the window pane. Use caution when inspecting broken glass.Siding – look for any dents in the siding. Cracks in the shakes or chipped paint may cause discoloration on the sides of your house.Slates – Look out for cracks or splits in ceramic tiles, concrete, and slates caused by hail and flying debris.

Step Three – Check for signs of water leaks in your home

Basement – Check for water stains on the basement walls or flooring if you have a finished basement. Ceilings and walls – If you notice new watermarks on the ceilings or walls take a look at the attic for possible leaks. Attic – Missing shingles can cause water leaks into your attic. Dark colored trusses and joints are a sign of water leaks.

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