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Harvesting rainwater in CT

Saturday, January 12th, 2019 by Sabrina Hunter

Harvesting rainwater is the process of using rain barrels to collect and store rainwater from the rooftop. The water is stored for later use for and can be reused for other purposes, such as:

- Irrigate your lawn - Wash your car/ household windows - Water your indoor/outdoor plants - Re-fill outdoor fountains - Save money and conserve tap water - Reduce your water and energy bills

Pollutants from your roof will be collected in the rain barrel and should not be used for drinking water.

Environmental Benefits The state of Connecticut (Energy and Environment Protection department) encourages homeowners to harvest rainwater on their property. The process of harvesting can improve the quality of water in your community. Diverting stormwater into rain barrels can reduce the peak flow volume of storm water in nearby lakes and rivers. Therefore, by harvesting rainwater, it can help control local flooding and reduce regular sewer upgrades. Rain barrels can protect the local rivers and streams from erosion since it prevents pollutants from entering the sewers.

Landscape Irrigation Rainwater is the best source of water for plants and landscape irrigation. Farmers have observed plants grow vastly with rainwater than any other sources since it has a neutral pH level with forms of nitrogen that plants can easily absorb and thrive.

Harvesting Rainwater Regulations

It is important to double check if there are any restrictions with your HOA or municipality before you invest in the system. Harvesting rainwater isn't expensive or complicated to set up. The average cost of rain barrels cost between $55 and $120. It can be connected to your downspout. Most rain barrels are fully enclosed to prevent debris, leaves, and bugs from entering the barrel. Proper installation of the barrels will remove the opportunity for mosquitoes to breed. Covers on barrels perform the same task as gutter guards. They save time and hassle of cleaning and removing unwanted pieces from the gutter water system.

Weathertite Systems, located in Naugatuck, CT, is Connecticut's solution for a functional rain gutter system. To learn more give us a call today on 1-855-225-1340 or fill out a form HERE!

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