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Improving areas of your home is a great way to increase the curb appeal and the overall appearance in your home. Most homeowners have a never-ending list of chores to complete. However, it is vital to fix the main structural areas of your home if it is overdue especially for safety reasons.

Inspect your Roof

The weather plays a major role for homeowners in need of a roof repair. In Connecticut, most homes experience all types of weather; snow, strong winds, and rain which contributes to the need for roof repair caused by storm damage. Look out for curled shingles or cracks in the ceilings, which can cause leaks to enter the home.

Update outdated Windows

Some people may like old windows but in reality, they could have a problem with air leaks. During the winter you could be losing heat or cool air in the summer that passes through outdated windows. Replacing your old windows can help improve energy efficiency resulting in lower energy costs. New windows are well insulated and reduces the loss of heat or cool air from the room with the bonus of a curb appeal.  

Never Clean Your Gutters Again! 

Keeping your gutters clean is a mucky chore for anyone and can be especially risky while climbing a ladder. Use a professional who is trained to climb a ladder safely while unclogging your gutters. Another option is installing gutter guards for free gutter maintenance. Gutter guards can reduce one dangerous chore for the homeowner all year round.

Call Weathertite Systems, LLC

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