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Do you need a new roof?

Friday, January 27th, 2017 by Weathertite Systems

Many times, homeowners have difficulty deciding whether or not they need to replace their roof. There are both obvious and indistinct indicators that determine that a new roof is needed.

1. Holes in the roof:

The first thing to check is whether or not you can see sunlight coming through the roof; this is a clear indicator that you need to replace the roof. As for those who do not see the sunlight through the roof, there are other pointers.

2. Age of roof

On average, roofs last about thirty years but it can also depend on how the installation was done and the different kinds of shingles used. Wood shingles last for about thirty years, whereas asphalt shingles last about twenty years. Many times, the type of shingle is not the issue. Weathering plays a major role in homeowners needing a new roof. In Connecticut, the New England snow, rain, and strong winds plays a large role in homeowners needing to replace their roofs due to storm damage. Weathering can cause the shingles to curl upward or crack which can cause leaks into the home.

3. Missing Shingles and Moss/Algae Growth

Other ways to identify if a new roof is needed include missing shingles, shingles that are falling off the roof or look unsteady, or moss or algae developing on the roof. Moss can damage the roof because it has moisture which can crack the shingles. Shingles naturally shed, however losing granules makes the shingles deteriorate and lose layers. When you first install a roof, the granules naturally come off because of left over debris. However, if you are having this issue after years of having your roof, this is a sign that shingles need to be replaced, and/or the whole roof needs to be replaced — it all depends on how long you have had your roof. When the granules fall off, the shingles begin to curl at the end and shrink in size.

If you are having any of these problems, contact a skilled professional, such a Weathertite Systems to come and find the best solution possible for you and your home!

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