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8 Things to Do Before You Leave for Vacation

Saturday, July 14th, 2018 by Sabrina Hunter

The school year has ended and the summer heat keeps on rising. Many people will travel away from home to seek thrill and adventure. If you plan to leave your home for more than a week, Weathertite Systems has provided two checklists to help guide you throughout the preparation process.

Adjust your Thermostat - Set your thermostat to a good temperature of 82 degrees. By keeping the A/C unit on it will help regulate humidity while keeping your home cool. Adjusting your thermostat is a money- saving tip.

Add Timed Lights - To give the impression that someone is home add timers to lights. Scatter the light timers throughout the home with different time schedules.

Unplug unnecessary devices - Many electronics like TV or the desktop draw power in both standby mode or when switched off. By disconnecting these nonessential devices you can save some money on your next electricity bill. Also in case of a power surge, unplugged devices won't get destroyed.

Prevent Water Damage - The worse thing to come home to is a flooded home. Make sure to turn off your water from the source.

Water Heater - It is important to keep the water heater on to prevent frozen pipes. New water heaters have a vacation setting on the temperature dial called VAC. To reduce the energy consumption of the water heater, set your vacation setting to VAC. New water heaters provide this setting on the temperature dial.

Close the blinds - Make sure to close all curtains and blinds to prevent people from sneaking a look in your home. Closing all curtains will help keep your home cooler resulting in reducing energy usage.

Manage your Mail - Piled up mail, newspaper, and deliveries is a sign that the house is unoccupied. Ask a neighbor to collect your mail daily or stop your mail at the post office.

Schedule Exterior Maintenance - If you plan to travel for more than a week, make arrangements for someone to take care of the lawn, cleaning your gutters and sweeping the driveway. If you live in a community controlled by the HOA, uncut grass and bushes may lead to a fine. Neglected homes can be a target for burglars so it is vital to ensure your home is well-kept while traveling.

With all the last minute packing, buying toiletries and arranging someone to watch over your home, most of these tasks will only take a few minutes. There are ways to reduce some of these tasks every time you travel, like installing gutter protection on your home. If you would like to learn more about the many benefits of Gutter Helmet call Weathertite Systems today before your next vacation. Call us at 1-203-528-4727.

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