7 Halloween Home Safety Tips

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

by Sabrina Hunter

How can I protect my house on Halloween?

Halloween can be a joyful celebration of sweet treats, surprising tricks, and freaky costumes. As exciting the night can be, there is always a chance that things can go amiss. Don't panic! Weathertite Systems has created a list of top safety tips to keep your guests and your home safe during the spooky season.

1. Clean the Pathway

protect your home this season

A dark pathway will make your home look extra spooky at night but it can also be a hazard for your guests. No one likes tripping over decorations or stepping on fresh perennials. Keep the walkway safe, make sure that it is well lit and clear of debris before Superman or Moana arrives.

2. Avoid using Real Candles

Candles are perfect for creating a spooky effect in a room, but they can easily cause a fire in the home or yard. With all the excitement and sudden surprises created by the guests, it is often difficult to keep an eye on every single candle. Try using LED lights for the same effect as candles minus the risk of an accidental fire.

3. Park your car in the garage

Leading up to the festivities, mischievous kids may run around the streets and play in your yard. If you want to prevent your car from accidental scratches, park your car in the garage or a low traffic area.

4. Only hand out pre-packaged treats

Avoid giving out home-made yummy treats on Halloween to trick or treaters. Parents will not allow their kids to accept any non-packaged treats. Keep your home-made treats for friends and family to enjoy for the season.

5. Keep your pets in a closed room

Dogs and cats can bring so much love and happiness to the home, but not all visitors feel the same way. Animals can be unpredictable when they see multiple groups of visitors behaving strangely at the door. To reduce stress levels and unexpected screams from your visitors, keep furry animals in a closed room away from the main entrance.

6. Check your home for improvements

Walk around your home and look out for any hazards that need to be taken care of before the festivities begin. Check for loose railings or broken bricks as they can be dangerous for excited kids or parents. If you discover any home improvements make sure to complete them to reduce the risk at your home.

7. Don't Forget to Lock the Door

It's exciting to stand close by the front door as you eagerly wait to hand out your treats. Make sure to lock your front door every time after each visit. Halloween is a time for kids to come out and have fun but also keep an eye on possible tricksters.

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