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5 Natural Ways to Make Your House Smell Like the Holidays

Monday, November 19th, 2018 by Sabrina Hunter

Nothing beats the smell of the holidays in your home from mulled wine to fresh cut greenery. This time of the year is exciting for many people as we prepare for family reunions and early nights in by the fireplace. Take a look at some of the great tips you can use to add spicy scents in your home.

1. Make Peppermint Spray - a scent of peppermint in your home can be a great mood lifter. Add 20 drops of essential peppermint oil in a spray bottle with 8 ounces of water. Mix the solution by gently shaking the bottle. Spritz the spicy sweet smell in the air, drapes, and furniture.

2. DIY Scented Pine Cones Nothing beats the warmth of cinnamon scent in the air. Start by washing and drying pine cones collected in the yard. Mix a solution of water with essential oils like cinnamon, orange or apple. Evenly spritz the pine cones and seal in a zip lock bag for 24 hours. Remove the cones from the bag and let it air dry.

3. Use Fresh Cut Pine For a fresh smell of the holiday season, decorate your mantelpiece and shelves with fresh greenery. Use fresh wreaths, garlands or arrangements to diffuse the house all season long.

4. Make Spiced Pomanders Make your own ball of scent with a clove-studded orange or apple. This is a fun project for children to make indoors. Poke a row of holes in the fruit with a toothpick and then push the nutmeg cloves in the pre-made holes. After decorating the fruit roll it in a mixture of sandalwood oil, cinnamon, and nutmeg. The curing method should allow the fruit to last for years.

5. Simmer Spices The aromas of sweet berries in warm wine evoke the smell of the holidays. Simmer water in a pot and add the following ingredients:

4 tablespoons of apple cidera generous heap of pumpkin spice seasoningground nutmega drop of vanilla extractwhole clovescinnamon sticks.

Add water when needed to keep the water at least halfway full. Simmer for hours to allow the delicious flavors of the spices to come together.

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