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3 reasons to install siding in the spring

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 by Sabrina Hunter

As the flowers start to bloom, we begin to think about curb appeal. A house with an undesirable look can be an eyesore, no matter how maculate the lawn. Booking a contractor to work on your house at this time of the year has advantages for both you and the contractor. Let's take a look at the benefits of improving your home in the spring.

Smoother installation Now is the perfect time to install siding on your home. The sunlight hours are longer, the weather is mild allowing contractors to work properly. Vinyl siding can become brittle in the winter or expand in the summer, making it more difficult to install especially around windows and doors. Also, sealant responds better in moderate temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit, making the spring or fall an ideal time to replace or install vinyl siding. Energy-efficiency If your heating bills were higher this winter, your vinyl siding may be old. Aged siding may not be providing your home with proper insulation, which can let in cold air and drafts in the winter. Replacing the siding will give the contractors a chance to fill in any cracks or holes that allow air to leak. Enjoy the benefits of an improved energy efficient home this summer, now that it can keep the cool air in. Curb appeal for buyers If you are thinking about selling your home now is the perfect time to give your home a new make-over. According to Forbes (2018), the best month to sell a home is in May, which means siding installation in the spring is ideal. As buyers flock to the streets looking for their dream home a new siding will boost your curb appeal, and property value. Serving in the state of Connecticut since 2002, Weathertite Systems, LLC is proud to offer our clients the highest quality home improvement services available. To learn more about our siding options, call us at 1-203-528-4727 or fill out a form HERE!

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